Idol Live: My Experience

Me and Scotty McCreery

What an amazing night at the RBC Center! As I said in my previous post, I was a VIP at the concert. That meant I had great seats and got to go to a meet and greet with the Idols. Here’s a little bit on my experiences last night…

Meet and Greet
This was, obviously, the most memorable part of the night. We all gathered in the box office area of the RBC Center and were led in to the room where the meet and greet was being held. Once up there, we were let in 10-15 at a time to take a group photo with all the Idols. After that, we got our hand signed photo of the Idols that was signed an hour before the meet and greet started. I ended up standing next to Casey Abrams while my mom stood next to Lauren Alaina and my grandma stood next to Scotty McCreery. In fact, when my grandma went in the room for the photo, Scotty grabbed her by the arm. I guess she reminded him of his grandma or something! This was a lot of fun but it was just beginning.

Next, the Idols were spread out in the room so we could have “mingle” time with them. We could walk up to any of the Idols who were there and get personal autographs and pictures. We only had about 30 or 45 minutes to do this and there were probably about 150 or 200 people in the room, so I thought it would be tough. However, it went smoothly and I got to talk to a lot of them.

I ended up getting a picture and autograph from Scotty, Lauren, Casey, Paul, Pia, and James. Meeting all of them was amazing but getting to meet my boy Scotty was just the highlight of the night. Everything happened so fast that all I could say to him was hey, congrats, and good luck. But it didn’t matter. Just the whole fact I got to meet him and get my picture with him was awesome! My grandma and mom got a picture with him too and I think my grandma was so shocked to meet him she couldn’t even speak! It was cool to meet everyone!

The concert was just as incredible. The seats were even better than I thought because of a runway like thing on the stage. That made the 8th row in the center section (where I was sitting) seem like the 3rd row! The first half of the show had some single and group numbers while the second half had memorable perfomrances from “Idol.” At the end, Scotty came out and did about four songs as well as a couple group numbers. It was awesome!

The entire concert, from the meet and greet to the concert itself, was hands down the best I’ve ever been to. I paid a lot for the tickets but it was worth every penny. I think I would have even paid more for it if I needed to. Words simply can’t describe how much fun and excitement I had. This will definitely be something I’ll remember for the rest of my life! Below are the pics I took with the other Idols I met…

Me with Casey Abrams
Me with Lauren Alaina

Me with Paul McDonald

Me with Pia Toscano

James Durbin

2 responses to “Idol Live: My Experience”

  1. So glad you had the opportunity!


  2. Jannelle Hernandez Avatar
    Jannelle Hernandez

    That's awesome, Chris!


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