My Review: Main Street

Photo: Chris White

Remember back a few years ago when Durham was filled with camera crews and stars shooting the film Main Street? I remember it well and was so excited to see a movie that was filmed right in my own backyard. But as time passed and nothing ever happened with the movie, I was pretty disappointed.

I mean, the film had an all-star cast and crew, it surely would be picked up for distribution, right? Well, after appearing in many film festivals (including a brief stint at Cannes) it was picked up for distribution in some theaters and DVD. I finally got the movie and watched it. Unfortunately, I now know why this happened the way it did.
What To Know
Stars: Colin Firth, Ellen Burnstyn, Patricia Clarkson, Orlando Bloom, and Amber Tamblyn
Director: John Doyle
Writer: Horton Foote (To Kill A Mockingbird

Rating: PG for mild thematic elements, brief language, and smoking. Parents Guide

Plot: The film is based in a dying Southern town (Durham, NC) where tobacco reigned supreme. Then a businessman, Gus Leroy (Colin Firth) comes to town and rents out an old warehouse owned by Georgiana Carr (Ellen Burnstyn). It turns out that Leroy is in a controversial business which treats hazardous waste and makes it “safe” for storage. He plans to revive the town with his business but one event alters his plans.
My Review: Like I said, I was excited about seeing this movie, but I was disappointed. The script just doesn’t really go anywhere and the movie has a very predictable plot. The “best part” comes near the end when (SPOILER) some of Leroy’s trucks carrying the hazardous waste crash near the town on a rainy night, forcing him to resign from the company. The movie feels rushed and it seems almost like the actors just blew by the script and really didn’t put any effort into it.
Family Friendly? Not really. The plot deals with concepts that many kids wouldn’t understand and would, more than likely, be uninterested in.
Should You See It? With an unenthusiastic plot, lackluster acting, and a pretty anticlimactic ending, I wouldn’t really waste the time. The only reason I would recommend it is if you’re from the Bull City and you want to see your town – but then again.

I Give It An: F

Check Out The Trailer Here

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