My Secret Mentor

Naturally, I could have selected a sportswriter as my “secret mentor” but, instead, I’m choosing David Muir from ABC News.
Muir is known for his reporting on television and being the weekend anchor of “World News with Diane Sawyer.” However, Muir transfers his top-notch reporting to the web where he writes many stories for ABC News’ website. Muir writes stories on numerous topics ranging from business, to entertainment, to politics. I guess that is why I like him as a journalist. He covers a wide variety of topics, like my blog, and does so very well.
One of his series I like to see on television and read online is “Made In America.” This is a series of stories that profiles American businesses and captures them in a positive light. All to entice viewers and readers to give that company business and to stimulate the American market. There are many journalists and/or writers I look up to. David Muir is a great example of someone I would like to be in the future. I feel the way he writes and reports can be used in my own writing and reporting if I get into the field.
Check out one of David Muir’s “Made In America” reports above!

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