NMM: Tyler Barham

Photo: Chris White

Describing himself as an up and coming musician, Tyler Barham is quickly turning into a country star.

The Montana native gained an online presence with video covers he released on YouTube. Then, in 2008, he took his talents to the TV screen on the competition show “Next GAC Star” in which he placed sixth. Since then, Barham has been releasing various original songs on iTunes. That included a self-titled EP which hit No. 39 on the iTunes Country Charts, beating out the likes of Jerrod Niemann and Justin Moore – both major recording artists. In addition, he’s gained quite the online following, with over 8.1 million upload views and fans through social media.

Barham recently released a radio edited version of his hit “17 and Young” which was featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes alongside Luke Bryan. The song, which is beautifully written I might add, showcases his true talent as a singer/songwriter. With great songs and a growing fan base, Tyler Barham is one artist to definitely watch out for.
Have a listen to “17 and Young” right here!

2 responses to “NMM: Tyler Barham”

  1. You are truly amazing Tyler!!!


  2. Great story! Thanks for supporting Tyler Barham.


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