A Night To Remember

Part of the “AGT” Live Tour stage at Meymandi Hall in Raleigh | Photo: Chris White

The “America’s Got Talent” Live Tour made a stop at Meymandi Hall in Raleigh last night and it was incredible!

The show featured seven of the top acts on this season’s show including: Taylor Williamson, Collins Key, Cami Bradley, Tone The Chiefrocca, The Kristef Brothers, Jimmy Rose and – this season’s winner – Kenichi Ebina.
Of course, I really enjoyed my favorites – Collins, Cami and Taylor – but all the acts were cool to watch.

Speaking of Collins. He did two tricks and I was able to help out with one of them! The first trick was similar to when he almost smashed Nick Cannon’s watch on the show except he used cell phones this time. He had called up a lovely assistant from the audience to let him put her phone in one of the three brown paper bags.

Here’s where I came in.

He then threw out three tour t-shirts with a Collins Key wristband attached to each of the three orchestra sections. Lucky me, I caught one and I was the first person who selected a bag he smashed. He asked the next person the same thing and he smashed another bag. The final person had to choose a ridiculous word. She chose “swag” – a word Collins uses a lot.

After smashing the cheap cell phones and revealing his assistant’s was safe, he told her to look in the search bar and see if there was a word on it. There was and, can you guess what it was? Yep, “Swag.” It was truly amazing.

And I want to say, for those of you who think Collins or any other magician conspires with audience helpers before the show that is completely false. I never had any contact with him before that trick. Heck I didn’t even know I was going to be a part of it until I caught that t-shirt.

After the awesome show, I was able to meet everyone as part of a special VIP experience. All the acts were so nice and just flat out cool. Of course, I was floored to meet my favorites but enjoyed getting to meet all of the acts. Needless to say it was a night filled with a lifetime of memories! Photos from the meet and greet are below.

Thanks to Taylor Williamson, Kenichi Ebina, Cami Bradley, The Kristef Brothers, Collins Key, Jimmy Rose, Tone the Chiefrocca and all the staff associated with the tour for making it a memorable night.

With Taylor Williamson (L) and Kenichi Ebina (R)
With Jimmy Rose (L) and Tone The Chiefrocca (R)
With Collins Key (L) and Cami Bradley
With The Kristef Brothers

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