NMM: Misterwives

Photo: Chris White

I vowed to bring you a wider variety of artists and music this year and I’m sticking to that promise with a band I just discovered called Misterwives.

The New York-based trio, formed in 2012, is described on Last.fm as having a unique “indie-pop-soul” sound and that it does. The group has three core members: Mandy Lee (vocals/keys), William Hehir (bass) and Etienne Bowler (drums) – incorporating other musicians into its live sets as well. Talking about new, Misterwives released its first EP to iTunes just last week – aptly named Reflections. The title track off the EP is also the “Featured Single of the Week” on iTunes, where you can download it for free. That’s how I actually discovered the group and I’m glad I did.
The single “Reflections” has a very unique sound indeed. The song starts off slow but morphs into a grooving beat, reminiscent of a disco-age track. The more I listen to the song the more I really like it. A little variety is always great to have and Misterwives is well on its way to having a lot of success in the industry.
Have a listen!

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