My Review: Chasing Mavericks

Photo: Chris White

Chasing Mavericks follows the true story of Jay Moriarty, teenage surfing prodigy turned legend.

The film begins with a young Jay (Cooper Timberline) discovering surfing the waves for the first time. He becomes acquainted with Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler) who lives just right down the street. 
The film moves forward seven years when a teenage Jay (Jonny Weston) finds out about the Mavericks surf break. The waves are the biggest on Earth and, at that time, their existence was viewed only as a myth. But when Jay finds them only a short distance from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists Frosty to coach him on how to survive the waves.
Through this unique opportunity, Jay and Frosty form a valuable friendship and the bond between them ends up being something even more meaningful than the surfing itself.

I’ve been wanting to see this film ever since it was released. I didn’t get around to it until now but it was well worth the wait. I was unfamiliar with the Jay Moriarty story going in so I was obviously blown away by it.

Jonny Weston was a perfect fit for the role of Jay, mirroring not only his amazing determination but also his kindness and positive attitude. And how can I forget about Gerard Butler? He did a brilliant job channeling the persistent, almost, “tough guy” attitude of Frosty.

I know this sounds kind of mushy but, if you want a story about doing what you love no matter what stands in your way, Chasing Mavericks is for you. A truly inspirational film you don’t want to miss.  

I Give It A: B+

Check Out The Trailer Here

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