From Idea To Reality

We have all been there. We buy a pair of sunglasses, whether designer or not, and either get tired of them or they break several months later.

Two Raleigh-area friends, Chase Denison and Kyle May, wanted to change that. They were sick of dishing out boatloads of cash for sunglasses they were not completely satisfied with. What did they do? They decided to start their own company.

Denison, a senior at Apex High School, came up with the idea of durable sunglasses with interchangeable parts that could be fully customizeable and cost a fraction of the designer brands. He teamed up with May, an N.C. State sophomore, and Vybe Sunglasses was born.

The sunglasses are innovative in design as a pair comes with six parts that are fully customizable. Each part of the sunglasses snaps into place effortlessly and is available in many colors. Consumers can purchase the sunglasses fully assembled or the parts individuaply. This enables them to create more than 1.9 million different combinations, according to the company.

Denison and May launched pre-orders this week. Meanwhile, Vybe has been featured in N.C. State’s Technician student newspaper and in an article released by the Poole College of Management at N.C. State. Denison is no stranger to the entrepreneurial world, as he started his own clothing business – 919 Clothing – at the age of 14. Today, that company operates in more than 25 countries.

I first heard about Vybe through reading Technician and liked the idea from the start. I have had a pair of designer brand sunglasses for a couple years now and, although they are a great pair, I am getting kind of tired of them. Not to mention, I really do not want to pay $100+ for a pair of sunglasses again.

Vybe Sunglasses is a revolutionary brand and I think it is poised to turn the sunglasses market on its head. You should definitely check it out!

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