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I’m a huge fan of Rascal Flatts. Have been since the beginning.

I’ve always held the band to a high standard because its members never went down the dreaded path of lip syncing – until now.
I first saw rumors about Rascal Flatts lip syncing on local radio station, 94.7 WQDR’s, Facebook page and blew it off. I knew the band had never lip synced before so I thought it was bologna. Unfortunately, I found out that it was true.
The band performed its new single “Rewind” at the 2014 Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs) on Sunday night. I didn’t watch the performance live but I did watch a YouTube clip of the performance and was shocked.
It only took me about five seconds to realize that the band sounded a little too similar to the studio recording of the song. Normally the band’s lead singer, Gary LeVox, will do something to change up his vocal during a song, signaling that he wasn’t faking the performance. That didn’t happen this time – and lip syncing is totally out of character for Rascal Flatts – so I knew something was up.
That something was apparently a loss of voice.
According to a statement released by Rascal Flatts on Monday night, LeVox apparently lost his voice after “performing several shows” in the past week. Instead of cancelling the ACMs gig at the last minute, the band decided to do the “performance” anyway and lip sync, claiming the decision was to not disappoint fans who were looking forward to the performance.
I think that may have backfired.
Many fans – myself included – have voiced disappointment with the band’s decision to fake the performance. Even though I’ve always been a fan of Rascal Flatts, I can’t overlook the fact that this happened. I’m sure some of the die hard “Flattheads” – as the band’s fan base is called – will say that I’m “not a true fan” and the like for being disappointed but I don’t really care.
Look, I understand the situation Rascal Flatts was in and I know LeVox can truly sing. I’ve seen the band in concert before. But the band lowering itself to lip sync when it has never done so in its 14-year history? That’s not okay in my book. And I have the same attitude toward any artist who chooses to lip sync as well.
But, I guess those, like myself, who are disappointed are in the wrong and should be grateful for the band trying to “perform” for fans? Sorry, but not a chance.

I saw many people on Rascal Flatts’ Facebook page say that they were actually okay with the lip syncing as opposed to canceling a performance and I was flabbergasted. Faking a performance when you’re in a position of high stature such as Rascal Flatts – or in any situation for that matter – is never okay. Period.

I could say a lot more but I’ll stop there. As I said in the opening, I’ve been a huge fan of Rascal Flatts since the very beginning. I also feel for LeVox’s apparent situation but I’ve still lost quite a bit of respect for the band.
Hopefully Rascal Flatts has learned a valuable lesson from all of this.

P.S. Egg is now on Blake Shelton’s face after he dissed Britney Spears during the monologue portion of the ACMs on this very same subject.

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