NMM: Felix Peikli

Photo: Chris White
Felix Peikli was born in Oslo, Norway and was introduced to music via a local marching band at the tender age of eight. His grandfather later gave him a Benny Goodman recording that only strengthened Peikli’s passion for music. Naturally, Peikli chose the clarinet and made his first appearance in a jam session at the Oslo Jazz Festival in 2002.
Peikli’s ever developing skill set allowed him to perform at and win numerous local and national contests. According to his website, Peikli also studied at the renowned Barratt Dues Classical Institute of Norway from 2004-2008.
After garnering much national acclaim, Peikli moved from Norway to Boston, Mass. in 2008. Peikli had the opportunity to perform with legends in the jazz genre including Danilo Perez, Herbie Hancock and Joe Lovano, to name a few. Peikli also won the Vandoren Emerging Artist competition in 2012 as a part of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute honors program.
At just 24 years of age, Peikli has really made a name for himself and his skill is beyond incredible. Peikli recently released his debut album called Royal Flush. One song in particular – “Nocturnal” – is really cool and is the most popular song from the album as deemed by iTunes reviewers. As a clarinet player myself, I would absolutely love to see this guy perform live. What a great talent.
Have a listen!

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