Too Big For Its Britches?

Photo (Edited): Alan Levine / CC BY-SA 2.0

I’ve been a loyal listener to local station, 94.7 WQDR for quite sometime…that is until now.

For starters, I’ve noticed a big change in the kind of music the country station played. Now, of course, that’s probably because the country genre is drastically changing itself. But, at any rate, I’ve noticed the station plays more and more of the “pop country” kind of songs and less and less of the more classic kind of songs. There is just no variety on the station anymore – plus there are a lot of commercials.
Enter B93.9, a new country station here in the Triangle-area of N.C. I honestly did not like the station at first because it took over for 93.9 KISS-FM which played Top 40 music as well as a variety of other songs.

Things kind of changed, however, after I contacted both QDR and B93.9 with a request for the stations to play my friend, Tyler Barham’s, new song he released to country radio. B93.9 was the only station to, at least, acknowledge the request as QDR, I presumed, just ignored it. I was already pretty much done listening to QDR at that point as past song requests I’ve sent were also, presumably, ignored.

Then came Bobby Bones. He hosts a nationally-syndicated morning radio show that airs on B93.9. I’d read on social media about Bones dissing QDR and was curious as to why. According to a recap of his June 16 show, Bones said that QDR was “threatening to stop playing specific artists because they do liners for The Bobby Bones Show.” Liners are basically promotions for a show, etc. Bones also said he was not going to do anything about it and simply told listeners to boycott the station.

Still curious, I did a little search on Twitter to see what was being said. That’s when I found a two-part tweet from Bones calling out QDR yet again. The tweets are below…


So far, it’s a mystery as to what the apparent “temper tantrum” was at the Tim McGraw concert, but I do have some ideas.

And it did not stop there. After my Twitter search, I found this interesting and completely real – here’s the link – response from QDR to a listener who had posted a message about the station being called out on B93…
Bottom line, in the words of my mother, I guess QDR has gotten too big for its britches.
Farewell QDR. Hello B93.9.

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