NMM: Ansølo

Photo: Chris White

Did you know one of the stars of The Fault In Our Stars is also a talented musical artist? Ansel Elgort, who plays Augustus Waters in the film, has also made a name for himself through producing in the EDM – electronic dance music – genre.

Elgort, a New York City native, was born into a multi-cultural family of English, German, Russian, Norwegian and Jewish decent. His grandmother was a part of the Norwegian resistance movement during World War II which saved Jewish Norwegian children by moving them into Sweden, which was a neutral state during the course of the war. Elgort created a SoundCloud under the name Ansølo to produce his music, remixing some songs – such as Lana Del Ray’s “Born To Die” – as well as producing some of his own material. One of which – called “Unite” – was released to iTunes in May under acclaimed artist, Tom Staar’s, new label Staar Traxx. That particular song charted to No. 5 on the Beatport Progressive charts in just two short months. He’s also not too shabby singing and playing the piano either. One of Ansølo’s projects – a remix of Pierce Fulton’s song “Runaway” – has garnered about 100,000 plays within five days of being released to SoundCloud. In celebration of the song’s release, Elgort and Fulton held a special Ustream event where fans could ask questions.
I don’t know how I managed to do it, but my question was one of the lucky ones answered by Elgort during his Ustream event. Here’s what I asked…


Elgort’s response? Steve Angello of the now, unfortunately, defunct band Swedish House Mafia.
Ansølo continues to produce music on his SoundCloud and beyond often, just announcing another new project with Tom Staar called “Totem.” The track was released under S I Z E Records
Check out this awesome track above!

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