NMM: Sheppard

Photo: Chris White

When you think of a sibling rivalry you probably do not immediately think it could spark the formation of a band. That’s exactly what happened with my latest New Music Monday featured artist: Sheppard

The Brisbane, Australia band – composed of members Amy Sheppard, George Sheppard, Emma Sheppard, Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Dean Gordon – already has a pretty large international following. The three Sheppard siblings were born into a “strong family foundation” – as the band’s Facebook page put it – and grew up in Papua New Guinea before the family relocated to Australia. That’s when the siblings realized their unique musical abilities and, presumably, the sibling rivalry began. Later on, the family discovered Bovino, a talented musician/songwriter/videographer from Sydney, Australia. He was quickly recruited for the band alongside two other very talented artists: Butler (guitar) and Gordon (drums). Just like that, Sheppard was formed.
To date, Sheppard has written and produced more than 30 tracks. The band’s 2012 self-titled, debut EP was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). Sheppard’s full-length album – Bomb’s Away – was just released in July and has already been certified Gold by the ARIA. The full-length album is, unfortunately, not available in the United States but, have no fear! Sheppard has an EP available in the U.S. iTunes store called GeronimoThe EP features, arguably, the band’s most popular track to date – “Geronimo” – which has been certified quadruple platinum by the ARIA and gold by Recorded Music New Zealand (RMNZ). “Geronimo” spent three weeks atop the ARIA charts, dethroning Pharrell’s monster hit “Happy” according to Tim Byron. The band was also just featured on the soundtrack to The Giver with a song called “Shine My Way.”
Sheppard has a really unique indie-pop sound. “Geronimo” is just one of those songs that’ll make you want to turn up the volume and listen. With a positive message about diving into life and not holding back coupled with an infectious rhythm and chorus, “Geronimo” is sure to be a hit here in the States.
Have a listen! 

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