NMM: Danny Gokey

Photo: Chris White

Music plays, at least, a minor role in people’s lives. It helps you breeze by that pesky school writing assignment – I know it does for me. It inspires you, carries you through tough times or just makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Music’s power may not be completely understood by some but Danny Gokey knows it all too well. He found comfort in music during trying times in his life, having to go through a “roller coaster ride” during his young life, as his website says. Music also helped significantly after his first wife, Sophia, died. In 2008, Gokey auditioned for the eighth season of “American Idol” and was quickly propelled into national fame. Gokey finished third on the show but that didn’t stop his dreams. “Idol” opened doors for Gokey and allowed him to start Sophia’s Heart, an organization that helps provide places to live for homeless families as well as numerous other humanitarian efforts.
Gokey’s first album – My Best Days – debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard charts and earned him recognition for best sales by a debut country male artist in 18 years. in 2014, Gokey has made a slight shift from country to Christian and released a debut album in that genre in June. Hope In Front of Me debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. The title track from the album has been widely popular throughout radio, topping the Billboard National Audience and Christian Airplay charts as well as the Mediabase Christian Airplay chart. It’s also currently listed at No. 9 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in the Christian/Gospel category.
“Hope In Front of Me” is a very inspiring song with a powerful music video to watch. The song combines Gokey’s amazing writing skills with his soulful voice. It’s no wonder this song continues to stay popular throughout the nation.
Have a listen!

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