My Review: Men, Women And Children

Photo: Chris White

I walked into Witherspoon Student Center at N.C. State Tuesday evening, not really knowing what to expect from Jason Reitman’s latest project Men, Women and Children. I just knew the plot sounded interesting and there was a pretty amazing cast – Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Dean Norris and Ansel Elgort, to name a few.

The film, being released nationwide on October 17, follows a group of high school teens and their parents as they try to navigate a world dominated by the Internet and the consequences of it. The film addresses many prevalent issues in today’s society and each family featured in the film represents a different issue or, in some cases, issues.
Men, Women and Children begins with a view from space and narration provided by Emma Thompson as the Voyager Satellite passes by. This opening sequence was a tad confusing but was better understood once the entire plot of the film played out. The film focuses on several social issues but its primary lean is toward how the Internet has affected our sex lives whether we are teens or adults.
Children is a somewhat ambitious film but it does get its message across to the viewing audience. I have to say it was pretty raw and authentic as well, including all the – sometimes extremeley –  crude thoughts and bits of dialogue from a variety of characters. The film will make you uncomfortable but will also make you realize the truth about our online crazed society. Men, Women and Children is a well-done film overall.
I Give It A: B-

Check Out The Trailer Here

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