NMM: David Cook

Photo: Chris White

It’s seems like yesterday that David Cook won “American Idol” – but it was about seven years ago.

The talented rock singer-songwriter is penning a new chapter of his career. After “Idol,” Cook made history with a record-breaking 14 debuts on the Billboard Digital Songs chart, according to his website.
Cook’s brother, Andrew, decided to audition for “Idol” and asked David to join him for support. In a strange twist of fate, Andrew did not make it to the next round but David ended up auditioning and made it through. The rest, as they say, is history. But Cook’s career and personal life have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. He lost his beloved brother, Adam, to brain cancer. After releasing his second album under label, RCA, Cook also felt the need for a change. He parted ways with RCA and now has more creative freedom. According to his website, Cook is currently working on new music. He just released a brand new single – “Wait For Me” – and it’s one I cannot stop playing. The song is a little bit different of a vibe from Cook but, at its core, it has incredible lyrics and dynamic vocals.
Have a listen to this song in the video below!

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