NMM: Greyson Chance

Photo: Chris White

If you’re an aspiring musician, all you need is the right song at the right time. That’s exactly what happened for Greyson Chance.

The singer-songwriter and pianist from Edmond, Okla. had his journey in the music industry truly begin in April 2010 with a video performance of Lady Gaga’s song “Paparazzi.”  The video went viral, even earning Chance an invite on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”
Chance began playing the piano at the age of eight. He had three years of piano lessons and no formal vocal training. Other than Lady Gaga, Chance credits his inspiration to Christina Aguilera, Augustana, John Legend and Elton John. According to People, Chance’s “Paparazzi” video was sent in to “Ellen” in May 2010 by his older brother, Tanner, and only had about 10,000 views. A day after DeGeneres saw it, the video had garnered about 36,000 views and was embedded on websites across the Internet – including RyanSeacrest.com, BuzzFeed and others. Chance later appeared on “Ellen” and DeGeneres soon created her own record label, eleveneleven, signing Chance.

Since signing his record deal, Chance has produced a full length album – Hold On ‘Til The Night – that includes his hit single “Waiting Outside the Lines.” Chance also released a single – “Sunshine and City Lights” – in 2012 and is back in the studio working on a new EP – Planet X – set to be released soon. In the meantime, Chance released a single off the new EP – “Thrilla in Manila” – quite a bit different than Chance’s first set of music but I think even better. The song has an infectious groove to it, an electronic or dance theme, with the amazing songwriting capabilities Chance provides. With more songs like this, Chance is not only back, he’s ready to make a big statement in the industry.

Have a listen (WARNING: you’ll be humming this song all day after listening to it)!

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