NMM (Revisted): Brendan MacFarlane

Photo: Chris White

What better way to close out my New Music Mondays for 2014 than revisiting a profile about an artist that is still the subject of a post that’s still the most read on my blog more than two years after its publication?

Brendan MacFarlane has come quite a long way since that amazing day in a guitar store in 2010. MacFarlane has become a social media phenomenon, garnering more than 4 million views on YouTube and strong followings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The vocal powerhouse was born and raised in Perth, Scotland, where all it took was one song – Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” – for MacFarlane to find his passion for music. According to MacFarlane’s website, his late grandmother – affectionately called “Peeps” – introduced the Hank Williams song while driving him home. MacFarlane’s debut album – The Road – is a Gospel project dedicated to his grandmother. Since then, MacFarlane has been busy at work on his self-titled, sophomore album. MacFarlane has also constantly posted new covers on his YouTube channel, covering everything from Zac Brown Band to The Goo Goo Dolls. MacFarlane has also performed in several venues worldwide and has even had the opportunity to perform with the likes of The Time Jumpers.
MacFarlane’s vocals, to me, can be described best as authentic and pure. There’s so much “dolling up” of music coming from Nashville but MacFarlane’s music needs none of that. It is what it is and that’s truly what makes it excellent. The songs off of MacFarlane’s new album mix sounds from the good ‘ol days of country music with more modern sounds that are sure to please listeners of all musical tastes.
Have a listen to this new one called “Ride With Me” and buy the full album on iTunes.

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