NMM (Revisited): Misterwives

Photo: Chris White

I featured this awesome band a little more than a year ago. Now, just a few years into it, Misterwives is on the verge of exploding onto the music scene.

Since my last post, the band is hard at work on its debut album Our Own House, due out Feb. 24. Misterwives also announced a cross-country tour starting on Feb. 26 – unfortunately not making a stop in N.C. – and is slated to perform at MTV’s Artist to Watch show on Feb. 5 at the House of Blues Sunset.
Just as a refresher, the band is comprised of Mandy Lee (vocals), William Hehir (bass), Etienne Bowler (drums), Marc Campbell (guitar) and Jesse Blum (keys/trumpet/accordion). Misterwives was formed in New York in 2012 when Lee partnered with Bowler and Hehir. The band eventually expanded to its five member setup when Bowler added friends, Campbell and Blum. A day after Misterwives performed its first gig at the Canal Room in New York City, it was signed to Photo Finish Records, a subsidiary of Island Def Jam.
The tune I’m featuring today is the title track off the forthcoming album. Have a listen!

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