NMM: Mo Pitney

Photo: Chris White

This guy is what country music should be all about.

Mo Pitney received an almost unheard of standing ovation – at least for a newcomer –  at the Grand Ole Opry when he performed in June. Since then, Pitney has performed at the Opry several other times to the same response and has traveled to various radio stations across the country to promote his music.
Pitney actually listens to many different kinds of music even though his music is classified as country. Pitney also grew up in a family of talented Bluegrass musicians – picking up the drums at age six and the guitar at age 12. “Country” – Pitney’s debut iTunes release – brought me back to the good ‘ol days of country music. The song has a nice, easygoing rhythm to it and Pitney’s ability to tell stories with his music is evident. As his bio says, Pitney describes exactly who he is in the song’s 3:16 length. Mo Pitney’s “Country” is a song that gives me great hope for a country genre that’s been infiltrated with songs about tailgates and tan lines recently. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from this talented artist.
P.S. It was just announced that Pitney will perform with Craig Campbell at this year’s Dogwood Festival in Fayetteville, N.C. for all you local people reading this!

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