NMM: Brandyn Burnette

Photo: Chris White
Brandyn Burnette brings a unique style to both his writing and singing.

Like so many of the new artists I feature on here, I just recently discovered Burnette while browsing iTunes. It just so happened that I came across Burnette’s new tune “I Wanna Be (Free)” and really started liking it the more I listened to it.

I read Burnette’s bio on Facebook and I was impressed. According to his bio, Burnette is a self-taught, third generation musician with a background just as unique as the music he makes. Burnette’s father, O’Bryan, penned the theme song to “Soul Train” and Burnette’s great uncle was apart of the first ska/reggae group, The Folkes Brothers. According to his bio, Burnette grew up with six siblings and later went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts on full scholarship until he decided to leave the school and travel. It was while traveling that Burnette was discovered by a Swedish publisher and later signed by Kara Dioguardi, famous singer-songwriter and Executive VP of Talent Development at Warner Bros. Records, whose tunes have garnered more than 160 million sales worldwide. Burnette has seen some success himself, earning his first Top 40 hit with Jake Miller’s “First Flight Home” in 2014 as well as notable songs on hit duo MKTO’s album and a No. 1 record with Spanish band AURYN.

Like I said in the opening, Burnette is a unique talent and his songs reflect that. “I Wanna Be (Free)” has a cool vibe to it. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be hearing a lot more from this talented dude in the future!

Have a listen to “I Wanna Be (Free)” in this very cool fan video below and be sure to get it on iTunes. Also, be sure to check out Brandyn on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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