My Review: Spare Parts

Photo: Chris White
Spare Parts is a film that I’ve been wanting to see and it finally made its way to Redbox.
The film is based on a true story about four high school students who form a robotics club and enter a national underwater robotics competition, pitting themselves against some of the top colleges and universities in the world – including the reigning champ, MIT. The story in Spare Parts begins with Oscar Vasquez (Carlos Penavega) who would like to enlist in the Army, but doesn’t have any papers. Vasquez sees an ad for an underwater robotics competition and becomes interested. Meanwhile, an engineer, Fredi Cameron (George Lopez), finds himself job hunting yet again and ends up at Carl Hayden High School, a troubled school with a low graduation rate and few resources – example, the beakers in the science lab were donated by local police after a bunch of meth lab raids.
In an initiative by the school’s principle (Jamie Lee Curtis), Fredi is tasked with leading an extracurricular club. Vasquez shows up and wants to start a robotics club to build a robot for the competition. Three other students join in and the project is on. With just some spare car parts and $800, the team not only builds a robot but it builds a lifelong bond.
I liked Spare Parts. I’d never heard of the story the film portrays so it was an interesting watch. I also thought the acting was well done overall and it was cool to see David Del Rio in this film. I became a fan of his when I saw him as Sonny in the Broadway musical In The Heights a few years ago. I really don’t have a lot of criticism for Spare Parts other than how the dialogue was presented at times. What do I mean by that? I know films are scripted but I like for a film to make it seem like it’s not. At times, Spare Parts didn’t do that for me. It’s not a big deal and don’t let that discourage from watching this film. Spare Parts is definitely worth the time to watch!
I Give It An: A-
Check Out The Trailer Here

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