The Secret Ingredient

Photo: Chris White
Hate to be a Debbie Downer here but, we all face mountains. And, no, I don’t mean while on vacation (like pictured above).

Heck, I’m only 23 and I’ve faced many in my life, with many more to come. I read a post by Colton Smith of Those Park Guys entitled “We All Have Our Mountains” and it got me thinking. The idea behind the post, to me, was we all have mountains but we cannot have this defeatist mentality about them, no matter how tall they are. Smith mentioned a job search as an example of a mountain and that hit home for me. The job search is a very tall mountain I’m facing right now. Of course, I’ve been constantly looking for something but most of what I’ve found so far is not entry level – i.e. way above my expertise and experience. I knew going in to it that job searching would be no cakewalk, but I didn’t fully grasp that until experiencing it first hand.

Of all the mountains I’ve come up on so far in my life, the job search one has been the tallest. My problem is, I have too many interests. I guess that’s better than not having any interests at all, but it still presents a dilemma. I love sports, music, photography and – obviously – writing/blogging. I graduated college with a degree in sport management and a minor in journalism. I’ve had experience working in the general parks/recreation field through numerous jobs both paid and volunteer. Basically my experience should help me land a job in any of my interest areas. No matter what, I’m still struggling to find a job that suits me.

It’s tough to maintain a positive mindset about this but, like Smith said in his post, I’m determined to not give up. I can’t. And I believe that I will eventually find a job in my wheelhouse that I actually enjoy doing. I know that time is coming. If you see me around, just know that I’m climbing Mt. JobSearchius (nice play on Mt. Vesuvius, right?). It may take me a while but I’m going to continue to climb and will reach its summit in due time.

When you end up at a mountain, don’t just stand there and do nothing. Start climbing. Eventually, you’ll conquer it. That, to me, is the secret ingredient to life.

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