My Review: Inside Out

Photo: Chris White
The creative minds at Pixar never cease to amaze me.
Inside Out tells the story of Riley, a young girl who’s going through some changes in her life: she’s quickly growing up and is uprooted from the only life she’s known in the Midwest after her dad begins a new career venture in San Francisco. Now, the emotions inside Riley’s head – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust – conflict on how to handle all the changes. The plot gets even stickier when an accident involving Riley’s memories occurs, changing her entire outlook on life.
As I said at the top, the creative minds at Pixar never cease to amaze me. I mean, the idea of making a film on a person’s emotions in the way Pixar did with Inside Out has never crossed my mind before. The film’s story was relatable and the end was very well done. For the sake of spoiling it, I’ll just say that one of the emotions unexpectedly becomes a hero, which creates a teachable moment for viewers. On an unrelated note, Inside Out even included a quick, if-you-blink-your-eyes-you’ll-miss-it reference to Pixar’s Academy Award-winning short, For The Birds. Pixar is known to do this kind of thing in its films and this particular inclusion earns extra points in my book since that’s my favorite Pixar short film haha!
Inside Out has a meaningful story and some lightheartedness thrown in to be great for moviegoers of all ages to enjoy. There’s no doubt that it’s a must-see and another hit for the incredibly talented people at Pixar.
I Give It An: A
Check Out The Trailer Here

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