NMM: Tom Misch

Photo: Chris White

Accident or not, it’s fitting that Tom Misch describes his genre of music simply as “misch” on Facebook.

The multi-talented artist produces music that literally has a bit of everything in it. A track from Misch’s recently released album is featured on the “New Artists” page on iTunes and the album itself, Beat Tape 2, has received rave reviews on iTunes in just its first three days of release. Misch has a strong following online, with about 30,000 Facebook likes and about 8,100 Twitter followers. Perhaps most impressive of all is Misch’s following on Soundcloud, which is currently at 82,000.
As described on his Soundcloud, Misch is a 20-year-old composer, guitarist, singer and violinist based in London. There’s not much out there about this rising artist beyond that, although Misch said in a 2014 interview with Keep Hush that he planned on starting a jazz guitar degree program in the fall. As stated previously, Misch just released a new album entitled Beat Tape 2. Let me tell you, this album has it all. The album has, to me, a predominately jazz vibe to it – although “Nightgowns” has a more hip hop feel. One thing that I also like about Beat Tape 2 is Misch doesn’t shy away from collaborating with other artists. In fact, about half of the songs on the album feature another artist, which is very cool to see. That rings true with “Wake Up This Day,” a collab with fellow Londoner Jordan Rakei, who’s a talented artist in his own respect. The tune has a real laid back or chill vibe to it and is one of those songs you can just jam out to all day.
I love to scroll through the “New Artists” section on iTunes to see if I can find a gem. There’s no doubt that I found one with Misch and Beat Tape 2.

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