NMM: Cam

Photo: Chris White
Cam is a rising artist who’s been featured in the likes Rolling Stone and Billboard.
The country songstress has garnered a nice following on social media and has been featured on iTunes in recent weeks. No doubt that Cam has made an impact on the country music scene in 2015.

Cam hails from California and gives much of her inspirational credit to her West Coast roots. In an interview with Billboard, Cam mentioned about her grandparents owning a ranch in Oceanside, Calif. and memories of time spent there, listening to the likes of Patsy Cline and Bonnie Raitt. Later on, Cam decided to make the about 2,000-mile trek to Nashville to really get going on a music career. According to Billboard, Cam first honed her skills as a writer, earning a cut with budding star Maggie Rose. Cam also said in the interview that it was tough going in the early stages because, after being advised to not pursue only songwriting as she had originally set out to do, she became a singer/songwriter. Cam was signed to label Arista Nashville and released “My Mistake” off a forthcoming EP in 2014. The song debuted at No. 58 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and earned Cam a feature as one of Billboard‘s Tomorrow’s Hits in 2015.

But Cam’s success hasn’t stopped there. After performing another single called “Burning House” off the EP after her Grand Ole Opry debut, Cam appeared on the hit syndicated radio program “The Bobby Bones Show” where she was asked to reprise the performance, according to Billboard. The song created so much buzz that it was released “in a flurry” and it has since become a hit for Cam. “Burning House” is a very creative ballad about a fractured relationship and, like several other country songs I’ve featured on here, it’s a nice deviation from what’s being played on country radio right now.

Have a listen to “Burning House” and be sure to download Cam’s debut Welcome To Cam Country.

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