The (Unexpected) In-Between

Photo: Chris White
Last week, I came across a collaboration on hitRECord regarding in-between moments. It immediately made me think of an unexpected in-between moment that I’ve been experiencing – a “rock and a hard place” moment, if you will.
When I graduated from N.C. State in December, I thought I had it all figured out. I spent the better part of four years – and paid about the cost of a new car in tuition – for my education. I completed an internship successfully, for which I could transfer my knowledge to any career field I chose. I thought I’d be able to find a full time job right out of college. Come to find out, the job hunt has been a lot tougher than I once believed.
Throughout the past several years, my interests have shifted like the wind – no seriously. I still can recall a time that I wanted to go into meteorology when I was younger. Anyone remember when Lowe’s and other stores had those hurricane tracking maps each year? Okay, maybe I’m the only one. Those were cool because I felt all scientific-y like the meteorologists, pinpointing the tropics with precision. I also recall sitting with my grandpa to watch The Weather Channel – he was always fond of watching it for some reason. I had a dream of going to N.C. State to pursue meteorology, which is kind of wild to think back on now.
That passion soon turned to journalism as a whole, especially broadcasting – and dreams of going to the J-School at UNC-Chapel Hill to boot. That has faded a bit, too, as I was denied admission to UNC. I applied to N.C. State, wondering if I’d even get in after just being rejected by UNC. Of course, I had good grades and participated in wholesome extracurriculars but would it be enough? It was. Funny thing is, I applied with my first choice of major being communication and didn’t get into that one. Instead, I was accepted into my second choice of major: sport management. I later supplemented that with a journalism minor and, now that I reflect on it, I’m glad things worked out the way they did.
After the fastest four-and-a-half years of my life, I’m in this somewhat unexpected in-between moment. As I’ve told many people, I have a ridiculous amount of things that interest me: writing and journalism, photography, sports, music, I could go on. I’ve spent the past nine months trying to figure out what the heck I’d like to do and, subsequently, trying to find a full time job. That’s been really tough as most of the full time jobs in my field require years of experience beforehand – how I’m supposed to ahave five years experience in the field fresh out of college baffles me. That even includes some part time jobs I’ve looked at. It’s frustrating but, at the same time, having some time off to think things through – and enjoying time for myself – has been nice. I didn’t want to jump into something straight out of college and end up hating my life because of it.
I still have my dreams. I wish I could find something that incorporated everything I love into one, concise job but that’s near impossible – unless you can find a writing job where you watch sports, play a musical instrument and take photographs all at the same time! Anyway, I’ve been thinking in the past several months and have basically narrowed it down to doing something in the events sector – music, sports or both – and anything associated with that. Of course, it would be a huge plus if I could do something like writing or photography with this specifically but I’m open to pretty much anything. I do have a dream job in this area but that’s top secret!
When I woke up the day after graduation, I wasn’t really expecting that I’d find myself in this in-between moment in my life. My time off hasn’t all been fun and games. It’s also given me time to think about myself as an adult and prepare me for this next chapter in my life.
P.S. You can see my contribution here

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