A New Tradition

Photo: Chris White
It’s December. Time to start up the fire, fix a hot cup of apple cider and – at least for me – put up that Christmas tree.

December is one of my favorite months. There’s the Living Christmas Tree production we have at church. Hard to believe this is my 10th year of playing in the orchestra for it. Then, there’s all the food, eggnog milkshakes at Cook-Out and, of course, Christmastime itself. Regardless of whether they celebrate the holiday, it’s seems as though some people are friendlier and more willing to help than any other month of the year. For me, I’ve had one specific organization that I donated to during the holiday season. But I wanted a change, so I thought, why don’t I choose a different cause, foundation, etc. to help each year? This “help” can either be monetary, donating my time, what have you. That way, I can help several worthy causes.

This idea has really excited me but it’s also made me think. I get upset over something just about every day and I bet most of those somethings pale in comparison to what others go through on a daily basis. That goes for all of us as humans. The holiday season can be fun, happy – even chaotic – but it should also serve as a time of reflection on how blessed we truly are. Please keep that in mind whether you celebrate Christmas or not. It goes a long way.

“Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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