ACC Champs

Photo: Public Domain

What a weekend! I’m still in celebration mode since Carolina won the ACC Tournament Championship on Saturday!

This is the Heels’ 18th title overall and the 11th time Carolina has won both the regular season and tournament crowns – three of those under Roy Williams. The top-seeded Heels faced No. 2 seed Virginia for the championship in Washington, D.C. The two teams met just recently in the regular season, which the Cavaliers won. There was a mixture of tension and electricity in the air that could be felt through the television screen. It was a hard fought, “grind it out” type of game with the largest lead for either team being just eight points. In the end, Carolina got the 61-57 victory to claim the title and lock up a top seed in the NCAA Tournament.

I’m so proud of this team. The players and coaching staff have been through a gauntlet of adversity, both on and off the court. It’s often noted that this Tar Heel team is the most criticized in the nation and I’d say that’s right on. Heck, even many Carolina fans have dissed the team and Coach Williams throughout the season. But, of course, all the naysaying mysteriously disappears when the team wins games, including on Saturday night. I get frustrated just like the next person, but I think personally criticizing the players – who, after all, are young men – is uncalled for and ridiculous. That’s the world we live in, unfortunately.

Before I go, I’d like to address one more thing. When you talk about my team I will call you out. After the Heels’ victory I saw some negative things being said on social media, the bulk of those coming from Duke fans – go figure. Everything from the usual “yuck” to some that were even worse. It was disappointing to see some fans choose to not act their age because they can’t stand to see their rival win while their team is sitting at home watching it happen. Now, I’m no saint with this as I’ve talked my fair share of junk about Duke. However, I’ve never called Duke an “unworthy program” and the like. The lack of respect, nowadays, is truly disgusting.

In any case, Carolina is the UNDISPUTED ACC Champion! Congrats guys!

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