NMM: Trent Harmon

Photo: Chris White
There was no doubt in my mind that I should feature the newly crowned American Idol champ for “New Music Monday” this week.
Trent Harmon was one of my favorites from the get go this season. My attention was grabbed immediately from his audition in front of the judging panel on the show. Harmon trailblazed his way through the rounds of competition – even getting past a bout with Mono during Hollywood Week. Harmon cruised into the live shows, where he was safe each week, never reaching the bottom two. Harmon was crowned the winner over La’Porsha Renae on Thursday night.
The Amory, Miss. native comes from a pretty humble background. He worked on his family’s farm and tried out for Idol without even telling his family. In fact, Harmon said on LIVE with Kelly and Michael on Monday that he didn’t tell anyone about trying out for the show until he was deep in the Hollywood rounds. I’m sure that was hard to keep secret.
Like I said, Harmon has been one of my favorites from this season of Idol and, by the way, he was the first contestant from this season that followed me on Twitter! How cool is that?!? When someone in a position as Harmon takes time to follow fans and interact with them like Harmon has done, that really means a lot. I had a feeling that Harmon was going to win based off of social media chatter after Finale performance night as well as something I hadn’t experienced in quite sometime while voting for contestants: busy phone lines.

Harmon’s coronation song – “Falling” – is a good song. The Idol coronation songs are never that good – well, maybe except for Phillip Phillips’ “Home” – so I have to critique “Falling” with some leniency. Check out “Falling” for yourself in the video below and make sure to download it on iTunes!

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