NMM: Double The Music

Photo: Chris White
You want two incredible artists that produce music from the heart? Well, you got ’em. Check it out!
Katie Basden

I’ve been trying to get to a point in all the craziness that is this thing called life to sit down and create a meaningful post on a friend of mine that has made a career for herself in music. I’m talking about Katie Basden, who I featured as apart of another NMM post back in 2013 (check that out here). This post, however, is all about her! Katie’s music does not fit into a single genre, rather, it fuses a variety of genres to create something that is truly magical. It will, as her bio describes it, “send chills down your spine.”
Katie was born and raised in Durham, N.C. (Bull City!) and Katie and I attended the same elementary school in Durham growing up. We went our separate ways thereafter but, thanks to Facebook, I discovered that Katie was building a career in the music industry. I checked out her music and became not only a fan but a supporter of her career. I attended a few of her shows here in North Carolina, where we reconnected and I also started buying her music. Coincidentally, Katie introduced me to another artist, Tyler Barham – for whom I’ve written quite a bit about on here – and we’ve all become mutual friends. Pretty awesome if you ask me!
Look for the word artist in a dictionary and you should find Katie there. She has a deeply-rooted passion for her craft and lends spellbinding vocals to her phenomenal songwriting. It’s a thing of beauty. Okay, I’ll shut up now. Have a listen to “Fallin’” a record off Katie’s sophomore project Release the Sound.

Brandon Shah

Continuing the folksy vibe is another artist that I’ve been a fan of for quite awhile. Brandon Hassan – now known as Brandon Shah – is no stranger to Reflections. You may recall seeing his face on The X-Factor USA and I featured his group We Are Moody on the blog a couple years ago. I’m stoked to say that Brandon is back with a brand spanking new EP, Young Love.

I’ve not only supported Brandon since The X-Factor/We Are Moody days but we’ve become, sort of, friends through social media. It’s always cool to not just be a follower or supporter of someone’s musical journey but to actually be an active participant in it and, perhaps, become friends with that person along the way.

I’m sitting here, listening to Young Love as I write this and, let me tell ya, you must go get this EP. I’m not joking. Seriously, stop reading and go buy it on iTunes or Brandon’s website – then come back and finish reading my post of course 🙂 Young Love features five tracks, frankly, some of Brandon’s best work to date although he’s produced some quality stuff in the past. Each track is beaming with character and showcases Brandon’s incredible artistic ability. The EP is only six bucks and it’ll be the best six bucks you’ll spend this week!

To recap, trade in a couple meals from out for a sandwich and use that money to buy these two stellar works of art!
Release the Sound: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
Young Love: iTunes, Brandon’s Website

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