My Friday Five: Scotty Book Tour & Parting ‘Castle’ Thoughts

Photo: Chris White

1. Scotty’s Book Tour Stops in Garner

Season 10 American Idol champ – and Garner, N.C. native – Scotty McCreery made a stop in his hometown last Saturday afternoon in support of his new book, Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream. Garner was Scotty’s final stop on a multi-city book tour and the visit came on Scotty McCreery Day in the town, five years to the day since Scotty’s Idol hometown visit. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since that hot and humid – but fun – day at Lake Benson Park. Scotty’s hometown visit event was one of many things I was fortunate enough to experience with my, now, late grandmother. Her passing a couple weeks ago brought back some great memories of this day, so I knew I had to go to this book signing.

All in all, the book signing was a nice event. Scotty did a little Q&A session, performed a few songs – including one off a forthcoming album, prepare to grab the tissues – and then signed each and every book for the hundreds of people who attended. I’ve met Scotty twice before so it was cool to meet my fellow Wolfpacker again. Equally cool – and, perhaps, weird at the same time – was looking back at a side-by-side photo comparison of Scotty and I when we met at the Idol Tour in 2011 and when we met on Saturday.


I’m looking forward to reading Go Big or Go Home – and make sure to grab a copy of the book as well!

2. Castle‘s Ambiguous End

As I stated in last week’s post, ABC decided to cancel one of my all time favorite shows, Castle (BOOOO). The series finale aired Monday and it was a great episode. But the way it ended has everyone talking, including yours truly.

Watch the final sequence first and then meet me back here for my thoughts.

So, I initially thought it was a sappy, happily ever after ending showing Castle and Beckett with kids. But after watching the final sequence again, I’m now saying – in true Lee Corso fashion – “Not so fast!” After Castle and Beckett are shown hand-in-hand, struggling to live in the present day, an empty apartment is shown while a voiceover of a conversation between the two that’s clearly from earlier days of the show plays. The voiceover mentions of what could have been and then the scene with Castle, Beckett and their kids is shown with “Seven Years Later” at the bottom of the screen – which is how many years Castle was on television.

Hmm. Interesting. Right?

3. Final Survivor Thoughts

The three-hour Survivor finale aired Wednesday night. I didn’t really care who won – this season has been an off one for me – but I thought who did win shouldn’t have. After the jury voted, Michele Fitzgerald took home the $1 million and title of Sole Survivor. I didn’t think her gameplay surpassed that of Aubry Bracco’s, who even had to make fire at one of the final Tribal Councils just to stay in the game. Oh well. Like I said, I didn’t really care who won but I thought Aubry’s gameplay this season was much better. That being said, I’m stoked about next season of the show. It’ll be Survivor‘s 33rd and the theme is going to be intriguing: Generation X vs. Millenials. It should be awesome!

4. The “Dumbification” of Television

Continuing the television theme, it’s probably no secret that the networks continue to cancel quality shows and either keep or pick up poor ones. Look no further than the, in my opinion, crop of crap ABC has picked up for the fall season. And don’t even get me started on The Bachelor/Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars. How those shows are still kicking is beyond me. It’s not just ABC, however. This seems to have become a theme with all the networks. It’s almost like network execs choose not to listen to their viewers and put whatever show they want in their lineups.

What do you think? Drop me a line in the comment section.

5. Coach Hunt Leaving NHS

My favorite teacher in high school, for whom I still call “Coach” – find out why here – is leaving to take a new job. My sources, er, source tells me that Coach Hunt is taking the principal job at an area elementary school. So, he’ll still be in the area and I think he’ll have great success at his new school. He’s not only an outstanding teacher and mentor. He’s an outstanding person who genuinely cares for his job and the people he interacts with. I wish him all the best!

Thanks for Reading

2 responses to “My Friday Five: Scotty Book Tour & Parting ‘Castle’ Thoughts”

  1. And did you mention DiNozzo leaving NCIS? First Ziva and then DiNozzo!! AND he's going to be in Bull directly after NCIS airs in the Fall. Dang!


  2. What about DiNozzo leaving NCIS? Have you mentioned that one? And on top of that, going to program directly after NCIS, called Bull. First Ziva and then DiNozzo!!


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