My Review: Money Monster

Photo: Chris White

Looking for an intense film with a one-dimensional storyline? Prepare thyselves for Money Monster.

The Jodie Foster-directed flick tells the story of financial television show (which shares its title with that of the film) host, Lee Gates (George Clooney), and his producer, Patty (Julia Roberts) who find themselves in a precarious situation when irate investor, Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell), invests his entire life savings on a firm Gates touted as a sure thing. But when things go awry, Budwell takes matters into his own hands and holds the entire “Money Monster” studio hostage.

What Money Monster lacks in story it makes up with intensity. The film jumps into the meat of its storyline almost right away. But, as I said, there’s not much of a storyline to begin with. I won’t spoil it for you but there were some aspects of the storyline that are just unrealistic if this kind of thing happened in real life. There’s also nothing much in the way of character development – except when Gates realizes the “good” side of the hostage taker. Money Monster definitely entertained me for two hours. Would I see it again? Most likely not.

I Give It A: C+

Check Out the Trailer Here

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