My Friday Five: Champs (x2) & More

Photo: Chris White

1. Congrats Tar Heels!

Both the UNC Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse teams became National Champions with wins against Maryland on Sunday and Monday, respectively. The Lady Heels defeated the Terps 13-7 to claim its second title in three years while the men’s team beat Maryland in exciting fashion with a goal in sudden victory overtime to clinch its fifth title overall – first since 1991.

As just a casual observer of the sport – yes the sport despite what some haters on social media say, insert rolling eye emoji here – I can tell that there has been a special bond shared between the coaches of each team and their players, especially with Joe Breschi and his men’s team. Breschi, who was an assistant during the Tar Heels’ last national title run, lost his son 12 years ago. The guys on Breschi’s Carolina squad were determined to not only play for him and his family but to dedicate their play to his son’s memory.

I’m incredibly proud of and happy for both the men’s and women’s teams. The countless hours of hard work definitely paid off. Go Heels!

2. Go Pack!

Congrats are also in order for my alma mater, N.C. State, on making it in the field for the NCAA Baseball Tournament. The Pack is a Regional host and will begin play tonight vs. Navy at Doak Field. I really wish I could go but I have to work – blah. However, I’m confident that, if the team plays to its full capability, it can conquer amazing things in the tournament. Go Pack!
3. Happy Anny’ Survivor

It’s hard to believe that Survivor turned 16 this week. On Tuesday, the hit CBS show celebrated its 16th anniversary by making a celebratory post on Facebook. I remember Survivor‘s early years and, in full disclosure, I quit watching the show for some reason midway through. However, I got right back into it a few years ago and now I’m hooked once again. In fact, I can look back at many of the seasons I missed on Hulu so that’s pretty awesome.
Anyways, Happy Anny’ Survivor!
4. In Other T.V. News…

A new summer variety show, Maya & Marty, premiered Tuesday. The show stars comedians/actors Maya Rudolph and Martin Short and features a mix of skits, special appearances and musical performances. I’ve been pretty stoked to see what the show would be all about and tuned in on Tuesday night. For me, Maya & Marty started off pretty strong, with a quick monologue from the two stars as well as appearances by Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Jimmy Fallon and Kenan Thompson. Unfortunately, the show slowly tanked thereafter. The longer it went on, the more the laughs fizzled out. Frankly, it got a bit annoying toward the end of its one hour runtime. I think Maya & Marty should be a half-hour as opposed to a full hour. It would be more concise for viewers and would pack more of a punch.

Did you watch? If so, what did you think? Drop me a line in the comments.

5. Katie Basden’s StageIt

My friend and talented musical artist, Katie Basden, is holding a StageIt live stream concert this coming Monday evening at 7:30 EST/4:30 PST. Anyone can watch as long as they have a way to access StageIt online and buy a ticket to the event. I’m sure the concert will be awesome so make sure to grab a ticket!

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