My Review: Finding Dory

Photo: Chris White

I normally don’t review kids films. But come hell, high water, screaming kid – or near death experience due to falling ceiling tile* – I was determined to go see Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory. It’s crazy that Finding Nemo premiered 13 years ago. I was nine years old. Now, the brilliant minds at Pixar return to the deep blue sea, this time with an all new story.

Finding Dory centers on the lovable blue tang fish, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) as she goes on a journey to find her parents and remember her past. After having a dream one night, Dory enlists Marlin and Nemo (Albert Brooks and Hayden Rolance, respectively) to help her. Dory’s quest takes her to the Marine Life Institute in California, a conservatory that houses a variety of ocean species, where she learns a reunion is only possible if she performs a daring rescue – with a little help from her friends.

Pixar is known for creating films with meaning and Finding Dory doesn’t waver from that. The discovery of family is the main theme of this film and it’s not limited to Dory. All characters learn a thing or two about it and that’s a big reason why I’ve always loved Pixar films. However, it’s just an “okay” film beyond that. There were some chuckle-worthy parts, some more tender. But there wasn’t a moment that wowed me. That said, I liked Finding Dory overall. Was it as good as its predecessor? No, but that could be because I’m 13 years older now.

I Give It A: B-

Check Out the Trailer Here

*Yea, this is true. It was raining when I went to see Finding Dory. As I was sitting there waiting for the previews to start, I felt a drop of water hit me. I looked up and noticed a ceiling tile was no doubt in its final days. I moved away from it but it still fell during the film and almost hit me on the head! I had no injuries and continued watching – although I was understandably distracted.

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