My Friday Five: On Meeting Rickie Fowler & A Cool Local Story

Photo: Chris White

1. Meeting Rickie Fowler

Greensboro was the place to be as the Wyndham Championship came into town last week. A main reason I went was to see one of my favorite golfers, Rickie Fowler, play in person with hopes of snagging an autograph as well. That very thing happened on Sunday and the moment had been years in the making.
I attended the U.S. Open when it took place in Pinehurst, N.C. in 2014. Rickie played in the championship and he finished in a tie for second place and was at the trophy presentation. Afterwards, I stood with fellow golf enthusiasts in a crowd by the clubhouse hoping to get an autograph from him. We were unable to, unfortunately, but the 2016 Wyndham was different – and a whole lot sweeter! Now, Rickie is an Olympian and is still one of the top golfers in the world. He was kind enough to stick around a good 10 minutes after his round, and finalizing his scorecard and talking to the media to sign as much stuff as possible (pictured right). That included my Wyndham Championship hat that I’d purchased earlier in the week and had already gotten filled with signatures from Jim Furyk and others! Trust me, seeing a talented golfer like Rickie in person for a second time in as many years was great but getting that Rickie Fowler signature was a truly priceless moment for me!

2. Ryan Held at the DBAP
Before a homestand, the Durham Bulls will announce promotions that’ll take place, such as fireworks shows and whatnot. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Olympic Gold Medalist – and N.C. State’s own – Ryan Held will be appearing at the game on Tuesday, August 30. He’ll be throwing out the first pitch and sticking around afterwards for a meet and greet with fans. It’s awesome for him and the fans in attendance but not so much for me as I’ll be working the game. Oh well haha!

3. Lochte on DWTS?
Are you serious? There is a big rumor going around saying embattled U.S. Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, will be competing on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Apparently he had already been in talks before this whole lying about his Rio incident fiasco but it’s still ridiculous, in my opinion. Here’s why: I’m no fan of Hope Solo, who’s had her own share of controversy – and, yes, has been on DWTS herself. But she was just suspended for six months after some antics in Rio. The U.S. Olympic Committee has remained silent on handing down any punishment to Lochte. You picking up what I’m putting down, here? Interesting indeed.

4. Piers Morgan
International presenter and guy who acts like he knows it all, Piers Morgan, is at it again. This time, he’s gotten himself into a beef on Twitter after a tweet he posted regarding the India Olympic Team. According to the Times of India, ‘ol Piers-y called out India for its “shameful” performance in the Rio Olympics (despite the team winning two medals) and its subsequent celebrations “embarrassing.”
Really, dude? What interest do you have in India’s Olympic team? Oh, that’s right. You just want to open your mouth for absolutely no reason at all other than to belittle someone else.
5. “Love Is Colorblind”
This is the cool, amazing, incredible local story I was talking about. Instead of describing it to you myself, I’ll let the story do all the talking. Check it out!

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