My Friday Five: On Endings & Helping Out Friends

Photo: Chris White

1. Ben’s Kickstarter

As I’ve stated numerous times, I have some talented friends. As I’ve also said numerous times, I try to help them anyway I can. A buddy of mine, Ben Hill, just launched a Kickstarter campaign for his debut EP. The project is going to be a rap album and I’m definitely stoked to hear it. Ben wants to raise at least $1,000 for the project and has already raised about half of that in just a day. How awesome is that?!? Make sure to check out his campaign and become a backer if you can. You are able to donate anything from $1 to $1,000 or more and will receive perks based on what you donate!

Way to go, Ben! Proud of ya dude.

2. End of the Season

It’s hard to believe that the regular season for the Durham Bulls ends Monday. I’ve worked as a member of the Hospitality Team this season and it’s crazy to think I’ve worked since early April. It’s been an incredible experience and I’m blessed to be apart of it. Many of my co-workers have worked with the Bulls organization for several years and, even though it’s my first season, they brought me in and treated me like I’ve been working just as long. It’s been awesome!

3. Ryan Held

Speaking of awesome, I mentioned last week that Gold Medal Olympian and N.C. State swimmer, Ryan Held, would be making an appearance at the Durham Bulls game on Tuesday evening. Although I was working the game, I did get to see him throw out the first pitch and I saw him in person as he walked by to head over to the autograph session afterwards. It would have been cool to meet him but, maybe next time.

4. Football Is Here!

It’s football season again! N.C. State held its opener Thursday night against William & Mary, besting the Tribe 48-14 thanks in large part to a balanced offensive output. Next up for the Pack is a date with in-state foe East Carolina on September 10.

UNC opens its season with a huge game against the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from my Meet the Heels experience but, for the players’ sake, I wish the Heels all the best in Saturday’s game.

5. Tijuana Flats

I was on Ninth Street in Durham on Monday and realized one of my favorite spots to eat, Tijuana Flats, had closed down. My sources say a decision was apparently made to close up shop a day or so prior to Monday. Crews were already on site cleaning it out and I drove by Thursday to see the windows covered up and the Tijuana Flats signs taken down. Moreso than it closing, the seemingly hasty effort to clean out the only Tijuana Flats location in Durham makes it appear that the “powers that be” wanted to erase all memory of that location. It’s a slap in the face to the community and loyal customers.

I contacted Tijuana Flats via Facebook on Monday and a representative finally responded today, saying, “Unfortunately we closed our Durham location. We hope to have a location there in the future as we enjoyed being part of this community for several years. You can visit us at our nearest restaurant in Cary – 7165 O’Kelly Chapel Rd.” HA! Right, like I’m going to drive 30+ miles one way for Tijuana Flats when there was a perfectly fine location in Durham that was convenient and did great business. I will no longer frequent any Tijuana Flats location (even if they were to come back to Durham) and will be frequenting Moe’s instead. They are just as good (actually better as of late) and love the Durham community. Peace out, Tijuana Flats✌🏼

Thanks for Reading

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