My Friday Five: On NBA 2K17, Mr. Robot & An Update

Photo: Chris White

1. Photos Update

I talked in last week’s post about my entry ideas for the photography competition at the 2016 N.C. State Fair (if you missed it check here) and asked you to comment which one you liked. There was an overwhelming response to “Reflections of the Past” and, specifically, the horizontal version (pictured right). So, it looks like I’m going with that. Thanks for the input everyone and be sure to check out my photo on display at the Kerr Scott Building during the fair October 13-23!

Want to learn more about the competition? Check out this page.

2. NBA 2k17 = BUST

Fun fact: I’m an avid video gamer. I mostly play sports video games and have owned a various collection of systems, from Super Nintendo to the Xbox 360 that I have now. Companies nowadays have such an infatuation with the Xbox One and PS4 that us Xbox 360 users are getting left behind. I, myself, can count on one hand how many 360 games I’ve bought in the past year or so due to the fact that some games aren’t being made anymore or those that are being maybe just aren’t that good. When I saw that 2K Sports’ NBA 2K17 title would be released on previous-gen consoles, I was stoked. Especially given the fact that I’d read articles online saying the game would include league expansion, allowing users the chance to create their own NBA franchise(s) basically from the ground up and play as those franchises in the game. Creating teams was a mainstay in sports video games way back when but the feature has pretty much disappeared since. “Create-A-Team” features in these games has always been a favorite of mine so you can imagine my enthusiasm about NBA 2K17.

I shouldn’t have gotten so excited.

Come to find out, this “new feature” is only included on the Xbox One and PS4 versions. What’s worse? From what I’ve seen, 2K Sports didn’t even make improvements to this year’s 360 version from last year’s. Nothing. Nada. The biggest change I’ve see from 2K16 to 2K17 is the shiny new cover on the outer case of the game. That’s not an exaggeration. I contacted 2K about this and a support representative did get back with me. The representative rambled on in the response about how the 360 was released in 2005 and only has 512mb of RAM while the Xbox One has 8gb of RAM, meaning it can do a lot more than previous-gen systems (duh). Of course, all the dude could offer was his “sincere apologies” for my disappointment. Unfortunately for me, I’m out $60 and, unfortunately for 2K, an apology isn’t gonna cut it. I’ve been a loyal 2K customer since 2004. Heck, I still have several 2K Sports games for my original Xbox system in a box somewhere. This is the first, and the last, time I’m duped into buying a video game. It’ll also be the last time I buy a 2K game. I know what you’re thinking: why not go out and buy an Xbox One or PS4? Well, I don’t have $200+ just laying around to spend on something I don’t really need – and I shouldn’t have to just so I can enjoy some new features. Peace out, 2K.

3. Congrats, Rami!

Congrats are in order for Mr. Robot star, Rami Malek, on winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. This is Rami’s first Emmy win and I couldn’t be happier for him. Rami has played many roles over the years, but I first discovered him myself while watching Mr. Robot. He’s a heck of a talent and Mr. Robot is a heck of a show. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Congrats again, Rami!

4. The Yelp Effect

Nowadays, I could venture a guess and say that many of us read online reviews before we purchase a new good/service, eat at a new restaurant or stay at hotel. I know I do – thoroughly. I’d also venture a guess and say many of us have read stories of companies unjustly prohibiting or, in some cases, suing customers who write negative reviews. That could be done away with if a new bill becomes law. The Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016, as the bill is called, is making its way through U.S. Congress with a goal to make it illegal for companies to impose penalties against reviewers for, say, writing a negative review, according to The Washington Post.

I’ve always thought it was not only a dastardly practice and but illegal for companies to penalize customers who give negative – but also honest and thoughtful – feedback. I’ll have to do more research on the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016, but it looks promising. Hopefully it’ll flip the script!

5. Twitter Photos, GIFs & Vids

Just a quick note to all you Twitter users out there: the social networking site announced earlier this week that photos, GIFs, and videos posted in tweets will no longer eat into the 140-character limit. That also goes for polls and quoted tweets, according to Engadget. This is great news as I’ve always disliked how posting a photo took a good 20 characters away from the tweet. Now, if only Twitter would work on getting an edit feature for already posted tweets… 😉

Thanks for Reading

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