My Friday Five: On Meeting Olympians & Carter-Finley’s 50th

Photo: Chris White

1. I Met Olympians!

Last Friday, N.C. State Swimming and Diving held its second annual “Wolfpack Games” a fun event that showcases the upcoming season’s team. The evening is filled with awesome competitions, giveaways and more. This year’s installment was even more special as the team honored its four Olympians – Anton Ipsen,  Soren Dahl, Simonas Bilis and Ryan Held – who competed in Rio this summer. After the event, fans could meet the four Olympians – you already know I was going to be apart of that!

It was cool to meet all of them, especially Ryan (pictured right), who won gold in the Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay and is a College of Natural Resources student at N.C. State, which is the college I graduated from. You may recall Ryan was honored at a Durham Bulls game recently and did a meet-and-greet with fans after. I missed the opportunity since I was working the game so, needless to say I was stoked to finally meet him. No doubt, I’ll be back to catch some meets this season!

2. Fair Photo Update

Today was the big day! I took my photo to the N.C. State Fairgrounds to be put on display for judging in the photography competition. The judging will begin on Monday and I’ll keep you updated on the result. After judging is complete the photos will be on exhibit and you can check all of the entries out at the fair at the Kerr Scott Building. When you enter the front doors, go to the left and the exhibition starts nearby on the right. My photo is in the Amateur category and you’ll see signs throughout the exhibition designating the class and the medium. Typically, amateur photography is on the first row and winners are located toward the center of the exhibit. If you have trouble finding it, just ask one of the staff members on site and they can look up where my photo is located. This is my seventh year doing this competition and, although I haven’t placed, I feel like my photography skill has improved drastically from the first time I competed as a high schooler.

3. Heels’ Big Win

In case you haven’t heard – I don’t know how – but North Carolina got a huge, last second victory against Florida State on Saturday. The game came down to a 54-yard field goal for the Heels’ kicker Nick Weiler. If memory serves, Weiler hadn’t even attempted a 54-yard field goal, much less, make one. What a win! And his celebration after making the kick was even better!

4. Happy Ann’y, Hey Arnold!

Today is the popular cartoon, Hey Arnold!‘s, 20th anniversary! The Nickelodeon toon was – well, still is – one of my favorites (I mean, how can I forget Stoop Kid?) and has continued to be shown on The Splat, a television block every night on TeenNick dedicated to classic Nick shows. Hey Arnold! is also slated to get the TV movie treatment soon, which will be interesting to watch. Happy Ann’y Football Head!

5. Carter-Finley’s 50th

N.C. State’s Carter Finley Stadium is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The season-long celebration culminates in a big shindig during the Pack’s game against Norte Dame on Saturday. As a student and now an alumnus of N.C. State, I’ve had some great memories at Carter-Finley. I recall going to all the home football games – and tailgating beforehand, of course – with my roommates. Ah, good times. I think the best game I ever attended there would have to be when N.C. State BEAT – ahem, played – Florida State in 2010. It was a game I won’t soon forget! I’ll be heading back to Carter-Finley in a few weeks to watch the Pack play the Seminoles again. Hmm, wonder if we’ll have the same outcome?!? 🙂

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