My Friday Five: On Election 2016, ‘Castle’ & Friends Performing At The State Fair

Photo: Chris White

1. Election 2016

Okay. This election has jumped off a cliff and fallen into a deep fiery pit of despair. From lying, to talk of emails, to a leaked tape(s) revealing sexually explicit talk by a candidate. It’s crazy. And the debate on Sunday night further proved this point. Frankly, this is the worst election campaign I’ve seen in my short time here on Earth. I’ve researched the third party candidates but I’m not sold on them either. At this juncture, I may very well write-in a random name on Election Day. It’ll be thrown out but my conscience will be fine with it. I think the words of Bob Schieffer after the debate on Sunday night speak true to my feelings and it’s a shame that more people do not agree. For example, I shared CBS News’ post with Schieffer’s comments on my Facebook timeline. It got one like in 10 hours. One. What’s more? Some people commented on the CBS News post, telling Schieffer to “retire already,” “go to bed” and worse.

Really, folks? Have we gone downhill as a society that much? You see it everyday: this attitude of if you don’t agree with me you’re flat out wrong. Different opinions and humans engaging in civil discourse is what makes our country – heck, our world – great. Not what we’re seeing nowadays. It’s time for everyone to not only wake up but grow up!

2. Really, ABC?

Earlier this year, I shared my thoughts regarding ABC’s abrupt cancellation of one of its hit shows, Castle. I took the cancellation especially hard after network execs said they wanted the show to go on for many years to come and its cancellation occurring at about the same time my grandmother – who was a big Castle fan – passed away from Stage IV liver cancer. Two huge parts of my life were snatched away from me, just like that. I made the decision then and there that I would no longer watch any ABC series. I’ve kept my commitment, giving up other ABC shows I like to watch, such as Fresh Off the Boat and Quantico. Despite that – and to show my continuing support for Castle – I still follow its Facebook and Twitter accounts for an occasional post or two.

But to my disgust on Thursday, ABC used Castle‘s social media platforms to advertise the network’s new show, Conviction, which it put in Castle‘s 10 p.m. Monday time slot. That didn’t go over so well with die hard Castle fans, who blasted the network for the post, saying they will never watch Conviction since it replaced Castle. I’m joining my fellow fans on this one. Frankly, you couldn’t pay me to watch Conviction. It’s obvious, in my opinion, that ABC had little to no regard for the fans when it hastily cancelled Castle and still doesn’t when using the beloved show’s social media platforms to advertise a completely different show that is struggling in the ratings. It’s just salt in the wound. As for me? I’ve switched over to NBC and its new show Timeless, which airs in the same 10 p.m. Monday slot. It’s a really intriguing show and I hope it continues to do well!

3. Katie Basden and Larry Frick at the Fair

Today and Saturday, two of my favorites will be on the stage performing. First is Katie Basden, a talented lady I’ve known since elementary school. She rocked the Waterfall Stage today (check my Instagram for a photo from her show) and I was glad I could support her. I doubt this was the sole reason fair officials tapped her to play a show but I sent out a message to them on Facebook several months ago asking if they could get her to. I’m glad they did! The other artist I can’t wait to see is Larry Frick. I first saw Larry perform on the Waterfall Stage at the fair a few years back and I’m glad he has returned! He’ll take the stage at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. I may be a bit biased but these two shows are the ones I’d recommend seeing if you’re heading out to the fair! The Waterfall Stage is adjacent to Dorton Arena and the show’s are free with fair admission.

4. PMJ In Raleigh

The time is here! Postmodern Jukebox is in Raleigh tonight at Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts! I’ve become a huge fan of PMJ and, subsequently, been waiting months for this show. If you’ve never heard of PMJ, it’s a group – founded by Scott Bradlee – comprised of several talented musicians that takes popular songs from today’s time and puts a classic spin on them. The end result is something of beauty! Check out an example here. See y’all tonight!

5. Happy Ann’y Wizards

It’s hard to believe but Wizards of Waverly Place premiered nine years ago this week! The hit Disney Channel show – starring Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin – won the hearts of many over the years. I’d go as far as saying it was one of the last great shows in Disney Channel history. It may be because I’m older, I don’t know, but the shows on the channel now are just not good. Similar to Nickelodeon. Once its heyday of shows – pretty much all the 90s/early-2000s ones – went off the air the channel just wasn’t the same. In any case, Happy Ann’y Wizards!

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