Election 2016

Today is Election Day. The returns are set to start coming in soon. That being said, I wanted to write a quick post featuring my thoughts on the election and the state of our nation. My hope is that you just get out there and VOTE  no matter for whom you’re voting for. This election is far too imperative for you to sit at home.  Plus, if you want to complain to me about the government and/or nation in the time forthcoming, my first response will be a question: “Did you vote?” If you didn’t, I can’t help ya.

As you can see from the photo above, I voted early. This has been a long – and unusual – campaign to say the least. Quite frankly, it has divided us. It’s been tough to see some people turn on each other over politics. Throughout this campaign season, I’ve seen countless posts from some of my family, friends and otherwise, bashing a candidate or bashing someone who supports the candidate they do not. And let’s not forget the frequent and ridiculous showing of a lack of respect for our sitting president. Needless to say we’ve reached the point that one must agree with what the other is saying or he or she is wrong. It’s sad and it’s frustrating. This is supposed to be the United States of America, not the Divided States of Bickering Citizens. No matter the outcome this evening – or whenever – we must come together as one nation and move forward. I think a social media friend of mine, Colin Huntley,  said it best

“We cannot afford to not love one another. A presidential election is not worth the cost of hate. Tomorrow, one of these people will be elected President. And people will be angry. Maybe you will be angry, but I urge you, do not hate your neighbor. A president is absolutely nothing without the people, and guess what? We are the people. Don’t let that go over your head. It’s powerful! WE ARE THE PEOPLE! A president is defined by how well the people behave or how successful the people are, so why don’t we decide to be prosperous and well behaved no matter who our president is? Why don’t we choose to be the most united people the world has ever seen? We can. Relentless, selfless love is the only option we can afford. Please choose that tomorrow, no matter what your emotional reaction to this election is. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.”

Thank you and God Bless.

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