The Aftermath

<img src=", contemplating what's next for our country and the world. Frankly, I'm concerned for my friends, my family, everyone. I have friends in practically every people group the Trump campaign and, in many cases, the Republican campaign as a whole has gone after: Latino, LGBTQ, African-American and Muslim. This election has been one of the most divisive in history. And if you think a Trump presidency is going to change that divisiveness, it won't.

Although President Obama made fantastic remarks about coming together for the greater good and wishing Trump the best in his presidency, it disheartens me to see several of my friends and even family, many of whom profess Christianity, support a guy like Trump. One who has called Latino immigrants rapists. One who has practically equated all Muslims with terrorists. One who has mocked people with disabilities. One who has utilized disrespectful and sexually abusive language toward women, dismissing it as “locker room talk.” One who has told others to “go f**k themselves.” One who has never worked a second of his reality television life holding public office.

I’m sure I’ll lose Facebook friends and Twitter followers for this post but, honestly, I don’t care. Family and friends, if you voted for Trump, I want you to quit your gloating for two seconds and think. Think about this election. Think about the ramifications it has already brought about and will bring about in the future. Think about the millions of people who now feel fearful and disenfranchised. Think about it. Is this the United States of America you want? I sure don’t. My hope is that, somehow, we can pick up the pieces from this election and come together. But we have our work cut out for us.

I’ve never been more genuinely concerned for the state of our nation as I am now. But I will continue to show love in a country that has voted for hate.

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