My Review: Bleed For This

This review is all about a film that’s based on an incredible true story.

Bleed for This tells the story of world champion boxer, Vinny Pazienza, who learns that he may never walk again after a horrific car accident. What ensues is one of the most incredible comebacks in sports history. The film chronicles both Vinny’s (played by Miles Teller) successes in the boxing world as well as his tribulations after the accident.

I’m an avid sports fan but I’d never heard of Pazienza’s story until I saw Bleed for This. It was, no doubt, an unreal story. However, the film adaptation of his story fell a bit flat. For a just under two-hour runtime, it felt like I’d sat through a four hour epic. It took some time for the plot to develop, perhaps, longer than I would like. I think the film would have been better served had it focused a bit more on the time after the accident and Pazienza’s comeback. Other than that, Miles Teller provided yet another stellar performance in what, I’m sure, was a demanding role.

I Give It A: C+

Check Out The Trailer Here

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