New Beginnings

  Photo: Chris White

Welcome to Reflections, now located right here on my new website! It was a tough decision to finally make the move from Blogger. I mean, it’s crazy to think we began this journey in 2008 (hence the apt title for this post). So, why 2017 to make the switch? It’s been a goal of mine as I transitioned from high school/college student to young professional to have a singular website where I can showcase not only my blog but my portfolio/work in the field as well as my photography. Previously, I had my blog on Blogger, my portfolio on WordPress and my photography interspersed throughout the cyber world. It became cumbersome and not very professional. Squarespace offers me a fresh start but also allows me to keep all of the content I created on my blog. It’s a win-win!

That being said, I hope you’ll take a look around my new site after reading this post. I love the way this new site turned out and I hope you do too! Keep on reading to find out what’s new and what I’ve brought along for the ride.

What’s New?

  • The Site Itself! My site is now hosted by Squarspace which, of course, comes at a cost but I receive a great looking and fully functional site, a custom domain and incredible tech support from the Squarespace team in return.
  • Everything in One Place! As I alluded to earlier, I now have a site where I can showcase Reflections, my portfolio and my photography all on the same site.
  • A Chance to Showcase My Photography! All of the photos you see on the site from the banners and most of the photos on blog posts are my own work. Oh, and I also have a sick new logo for my site that doubles as a favicon when you land here (thanks PicMonkey)! But even more exciting than that, I now have a page dedicated solely to my photography! This page will serve as a rotating gallery that will change every now and then. Make sure to check it out!
  • I’m On Bloglovin’! I’ve also added my site to Bloglovin’ which is a community that allows you to follow all of the blogs you like and be able to read them in one place. It’s pretty cool so make sure to follow my blog on there as well!
  • New Blog Series! It’s called “The Read More Challenge” and is a call to read more this year. I’ll be reading select books and sharing some thoughts about them with you throughout the year on my blog (in case you missed it, here’s the first installment).

What’s Still Here?

  • The Content. You’ll still receive awesome content through my blog. That includes “New Music Monday” and “My Friday Five,” film reviews and more!
  • Me. I’m just the same ‘ol, opinionated writer seeking to provide awesome content for you. I also hope that you’ll continue to contribute to my blog by leaving comments on my posts and giving me (constructive) feedback whenever necessary.

Thanks for sticking with me for the past nine (-ish) years! As I said on my first ever post on Reflections: this is just the beginning!

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