NMM: Danny Gokey & Jordin Sparks

  Photo: Chris White

This week, I’m featuring a duo of American Idol alums: Danny Gokey and Jordin Sparks.

The pair teamed up on a duet called “Chasing” for Danny’s new album Rise. This is Danny’s fifth studio album since his stint on season eight of Idol and it’s coming off the heels of a GMA Dove Award win for his Christmas project, Christmas Is Here. Jordin is an incredible talent in her own right, of course, having won the sixth season of Idol and releasing several projects since then; which have earned her numerous awards. She is also a successful actress, playing several roles on stage and screen including Nina Rosario in the hit Broadway musical, In the Heights – my all time favorite, by the way.

“Chasing” is a beautiful tune, plain and simple.  I’ve been a fan of Danny and Jordin since discovering them on Idol. I know their talent spans the test of time. That shows with this tune, from their individual parts to the harmonies. Plus, the message “Chasing” presents is incredible. It’s a confession to God. It points out that all of us, even those who profess Christianity, do not focus enough on God and His love. We’re doing a million other things – for example “chasing dreams” which is a recurring lyric in the song – while God continues to chase after us and is always there even when we turn our backs on him. It gives me chills every time I hear it. Petition for Ms. Sparks to join Danny for this song when he comes to Raleigh for the Casting Crowns tour? Please?

Have a listen to “Chasing” below and make sure to check out the full album!

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