My Review: The River Thief

A reckless teenage drifter gets the lesson of a lifetime in this N.D. Wilson drama.

In The River Thief, Diz (Joel Courtney) was abandoned by his parents and now fends for himself, living a life of thievery. Diz ends up in a small town on the Snake River, where he meets an older gentleman named Marty (Tommy Cash) and his granddaughter, Selah (Raleigh Cain). Diz begins to change his ways and develop relationships with Marty and Selah but one last bad decision jeopardizes everything and puts all of their lives in danger.

I was surprised by this film. The plot was darker than I thought it would be (watch it to see what I’m talking about). Courtney, who I became a fan of after seeing him in Super 8 several years ago, delivers a stellar performance yet again. That goes for Cash and Cain as well. Despite its somewhat dark plot, The River Thief has an incredibly positive message about not forsaking the life you’ve been given. That is what I believe Wilson wants viewers to ultimately take away from the film.

I Give It An: A-

Check Out the Trailer Here 

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