My Friday Five: On Sergio Garcia, A ‘Survivor’ Shocker & An NEA Update

1. At Long Last

After 73 starts, Sergio Garcia finally got his first major victory. The 37-year-old Spaniard took the 2017 Masters title by winning the first playoff hole against Justin Rose. Garcia becomes the third Spaniard to win a green jacket and won on what would’ve been Spanish great, Seve Ballesteros’ 60th Birthday. Ballesteros died from brain cancer in 2011.

Both Garcia and Rose gave us a heck of a display, not only of talent, but of sportsmanship as well. The two were in the final pairing of the round and pulled away from the rest of the field, going back-and-forth until Garcia ultimately won. All the while, Garcia and Rose would high five or give a thumbs up when his counterpart made a great shot. There were many a great shot to be had, which made for a final round that won’t soon be forgotten.

2. Kuchar’s Incredible Shot

Speaking of great shots, how about Matt Kuchar’s on the 16th hole during the final round of The Masters? Check it out!

3. J-Jacks to the NBA

UNC’s Justin Jackson is heading to the NBA. The junior will forego his final year of eligibility and jump to the next level. Many people are upset about it and are saying it’s foolish for him to do so. I don’t agree. His stock may not go much higher than it is now and he’s already achieved pretty much everything he can at Carolina. Plus, he can either come back and finish school or finish early. So, I say Jackson would be foolish not to jump to the NBA. Congrats, champ, and all the best in the years to come!

4. A Survivor Shocker

There have been plenty of shocking moments on Survivor, but I believe the one on Wednesday’s episode takes the cake. No, seriously. At Tribal Council, castaway Jeff Varner was seemingly in danger of being voted off by his tribe and, in turn, did what he could to save himself. That included a jaw dropping moment when Varner outed fellow castaway Zeke Smith as transgender and somehow tried to tie it in with deception since Smith hadn’t shared this with the tribe. Of course, Varner’s words were met with heavy backlash from his fellow castaways and social media after the episode aired. I was floored by this because I always liked Varner, who had returned for his third stint on the show. I didn’t think he was capable of doing something as despicable as this, game or no game. I also understand that he is human and made a mistake, albeit, an awful one (for which he apologized). I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Smith. He took this horrible situation and turned it into something positive, speaking eloquently about what happened during Tribal on Wednesday’s episode and beyond, as well as showing a sign a forgiveness after Varner was unanimously sent packing by the tribe without a formal vote.

Word to the wise: don’t reveal someone’s personal business. Ever. Just don’t.

5. NEA Update

As you may know, I’ve been focusing a lot lately on the National Endowment for the Arts and the latest proposals to either cut or completely defund it. After unscessful attempts at contacting my representatives through email, I’ve decided to write letters to each of them, sharing my personal connection to the arts. I’ll let you know what happens.

Thanks for Reading

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