My Friday Five: On History For UNC Teams, ‘Survivor’ Finale Thoughts & iPhones Saving Lives

1. UNC Men’s Tennis

For the first time in school history, UNC Men’s Tennis earned a berth in the Final Four and the National Championship! The Heels held off top seed Wake Forest to advance to the Final Four before falling just short to Virginia in the National Championship match. Despite coming up short, what a remarkable season. Way to go Heels! 

2. ACC Coastal Champs 

UNC Baseball is the ACC Coastal Division Champion – and did so in record fashion! The No. 2 Tar Heels compiled an incredible 44 victories, as well as program bests of 23 ACC wins and 10 for 10 in league series. Carolina has also won its first game in the ACC Tournment, mercy ruling Boston College 10-0. Up next is a game with N.C. State tonight for a chance to play in the Semifinals on Saturday (by the way, the Heels are up 10-0 as I write this, scoring those 10 runs in its first at bat).

3. Tony Bradley Staying in NBA Draft

UNC Freshman, Tony Bradley, has elected to stay in the NBA Draft. The news doesn’t really come as a surprise and I’m happy for him, as most people are. Of course, there have been some people saying that it’s a stupid decision. Well, it’s his decision and he’s making the right one for his life. I used to get so wrapped up in this stuff but I don’t anymore. At the end of the day, some people need to put aside their selfish desires and support these guys whatever their decisions may be.

4. Survivor Finale Thoughts

Survivor aired its 34th Season Finale on Wednesday night. The season – dubbed “Game Changers”  – featured a cast of familiar faces from various seasons of the hit CBS show. In the end, (SPOILER ALERT!) Sarah Lacina took home the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million check that goes along with it. Although Sarah wasn’t the person I pulled for from the start of the season, I felt that she played the best game out of all the contestants, thus very deserving of the win.

Up next is the 35th season of the show’s incredible run, premiering in the Fall. Featuring a crop of fresh faces, the new season is being called “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers” and should be exciting to watch!

5. iPhone Saves a Life?

Could an iPhone really save a life? One family believes so. According to the BBC, Lisa Bridgett, a parent, was using her phone after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester right as the horrid bombing took place, hurling a steel nut toward her. The BBC reports that she lost a middle finger before the nut tore through her phone, into her cheek and landed in her nose. Bridgett’s husband believes the iPhone may have diverted and slowed the nut down, saving his wife’s life.

It’s truly a blessing that Mrs. Bridgett did not lose her life, that’s for sure. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all involved, especially the families of those who were lost in the attack. My prayer is that God will provide peace and comfort to these families in their time of grief. As I said on Twitter after the attack, music should bring us together and concerts should be safe places.

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