My Friday Five: On Polariziation In Politics, A ‘Cash Cab’ Update & Viral Photos

1. Polarization in Politics

I’m sure you all have seen – or at least heard – Former F.B.I. Director James Comey’s testimony from yesterday in regards to the ongoing Russia Probe. I’m not writing this to recap what Comes said. I’m wiring this to express my sheer disappointment in some of my fellow Americans. After Comey’s testimony Thursday, I saw many on social media treat this like a game where one team wins and one team loses. All the while, these people are ignoring the fact that a foreign adversary interfered with a cornerstone of our democracy: the elections process. And, to those of you who say there’s no evidence of this occurring, Comey himself testified Thursday – under oath – that he knows without a doubt there was meddling in our elections process directly linked to the Russians.


If people want to continue to deny the meddling took place, or continue to bring up the Clintons – neither of whom are president by the way – be my guest. For me, I’m sick and tired of some of my fellow Americans treating this like a game. Like a “my team won, your team lost” scenario. I’m sick of this deep polarization of politics in our country. That goes for private citizens and government officials as well. Enough is enough!

2. Cameron Johnson to UNC

Pittsburgh (finally) did the right thing. The university was adamant in holding back graduate transfer, Cameron Johnson, from being eligible to play immediately if he transferred to his choice university, North Carolina. According to WNCN, NCAA rules allow graduate transfers to be eligible for play immediately. However, member institutions and conferences can set some additional parameters. In this case, Pittsburgh’a policy did not allow Johnson to be eligible to play for the Tar Heels next season since both schools are in the same conference. Johnson would’ve had to sit out for a season and then he could play.

Pittsburgh’s initial decision sent off a firestorm of negative reaction on social media, with sports analysts such as Jay Bilas voicing their displeasure with the university. There’s no doubt that I was one of those who spoke out against the university as well. Johnson “gave his time” so to speak to Pittsburgh. He graduated in three years and earned his degree. Coaches are allowed to go to any university/team they want with no restrictions as far as I know. Why are graduate transfer athletes being restricted? Frankly, this entire ordeal was nothing more than a selfish act on Pittsburgh’s part and a prime example of a double standard. I’m glad that officials at Pittsburgh realized this.

3. Done with NCAA Baseball

Easy come, easy go I guess. Both UNC and N.C. State lost in their respective regionals in the NCAA Baseball Tournament, so I’m DONE with college baseball for the season. It’s all good as both the Pack and Heels had great seasons. On the bright side, I no longer have to worry about blown calls by umpires, no replay review and biased television broadcasts. So there’s that.

4. Ben’s Back!

Here’s an update to a story I brought to you in an earlier Friday Five. It was announced that the hit taxi trivia show, Cash Cab, is making a return to television. However, original host Ben Bailey was most likely not going to host this go ’round. My how things can change! The fans have been heard and Ben is coming back!  The comedian is back in the driver’s seat for Discovery Channel’s revival – and I cannot wait!

5.  “Keeping An Eye On It”

A tornado touched down in Canada – but thet didn’t stop one man from getting his lawn mowing done. The man, Theunis Wessels, told reporters that he was “keeping an eye on it” and a photo of Wessels mowing his lawn with the menacing tornado behind him, taken by his wife, went viral on social media. I had to write about this when I saw the photo because Wessels’ attitude about the tornado reminds of the way my grandpa – J.T. – was. Pa loved his lawn dearly and, if it was time to mow it or what have you, nothing was going to stop him. I definitely think he would have had the same mindset about it as Wessels did haha!

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