NMM: Benji

This week’s “New Music Monday” features a talented artist who goes by the name of Benji. Now, he’s no stranger to my blog. I featured his group, 3for3, about two years ago. Since that time, Benji has branched out into a solo endeavor and, if his debut single is any indication, it’ll be a successful one.

Beyond his music, I’ve always liked the positive, inspiring messages Benji brings to his fans. It’s great to see that in today’s music scene. As far as the music itself, Benji sings and raps, drawing inspiration from personal experiences, in which he weaves into the fabric of his songwriting. One such example of this is “Nothin’ to Complain About,” which was just released in anticipation of a full album coming in July. The rhythms, songwriting and vocals come together to create a very cool, laid back – yet pretty darn powerful – tune that proves how much Benji has grown as an artist. 

I definitely recommend that you lend an ear to “Nothin’ to Complain About” by listening on Spotify, downloading on iTunes and watching the music video below.

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